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  • big yiff live 2024-05-24

    @ nocturna euphoria, vrchat. i recorded this way too loud, so WARNING: it’s LOUD. i’m talking -4 rms. like, death magnetic levels out here. setlist:

  • big yiff live 2024-05-05

    this one was all over the place

  • big yiff live 2024-04-19

    @ “nocturna euphoria”. setlist: also on mixcloud if you don’t like high bitrates

  • old music wednesday feb 28 2024

    intro tune: Drexciya – Journey Home Sound Of One – As I Am (Todd Edwards N.Y Dub) R.I.P Productions – “Don’t Go” Matt Jam Lamont Remix MJ Cole – You Got Me (MJ’s So High Dubb) i had to pitch the last two tracks up because copyright -__-

  • audience anarchy 2023-11-24

    yeah, it sure was something

  • humppa my jenkka mayhaps?

    humppa my jenkka mayhaps?

    just putting this goofy aa finnish music here oh yea UNRELATED but danny brown has a new album out it bangs

  • ostensibly “technical” post on how the stream works

    ostensibly “technical” post on how the stream works

    It’s not very exciting. I’m using nginx-rtmp-module, which is available as libnginx-mod-rtmp on Debian-based distros. You put a rtmp directive in your nginx.conf (or your /conf.d/ folder if you’re feeling fancy) that looks something like this. This starts a server on 1935 that’ll ingest a rtmp stream from OBS or ffmpeg or whatever you want…

  • New site, etc.

    New site, etc.

    Big Yiff is excited to announce a brand new website, featuring our classic livestream (we’ll be celebrating its two year anniversary soon!) and exciting new content. The main homepage has been entirely rearchitected and is currently being developed further.

What am I supposed to do with all this.